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View Your CE Transcript       The Illinois DOI requires CE credit to be posted prior to a licensee's expiration date, and prior to their application for renewal. 


Annuity Course (IL Required)     4HR
Producers wanting to sell Annuities in Illinois must take this one time required course.


Anti-Money Laundering     12HR (being updated - currently not available)
This course covers treasury dept. compliance issues, the SEC & money laundering, rules pertaining to ins. companies, the Patriot act pertaining to the securities industry, anti-money laundering compliance programs for broker-dealers & a review of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).


Business Uses of Insurance     12HR
This course helps the student become familiar with the many ways that insurance can be used for business purposes such as buy-sell agreement, cross-sell agreements, key employee insurance and more.


CFP® ETHICS  2HR Req. (CFP®)  **** CALL FOR DETAILS ******
This course provides the CFP Designee with the required CFP® Board of Ethics course which must be taken every two years.


Equity Index Annuities     12HR
Course gives an understanding of annuity contracts covering fixed annuity features, uses and benefits of fixed & variable annuities, a background of equity index annuities including, indexing process, interest rate issues, marketing equity index annuities and compliance issues.


Ethics for Insurance Professionals     12HR 
This course provides the student with ethical decisions and how they relate to insurance sales. There will be a number of case studies presented.


Financial Planning Products     12HR  (2024 - not available - being updated)
This course was designed to introduce the different types of investment and insurance products available to fund a financial plan. Basic financial planning concepts and stages will also be discussed. Products include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, agency bonds, municipal bonds options and more.


Insurance Fraud     12HR
The student will learn what to look for and what to avoid. This course uses information published in the recent National Insurance Crime Bureau report. Insurance fraud ranks second only to tax evasion as the most costly white-collar crime in America.


Life & Health Insurance Concepts     12HR
This course provides a basic review of general insurance concepts, overview of annuities, types of life insurance and insurance products as well as procedures necessary to complete the insurance application, underwriting issues and more.


Partnership Long Term Care     8HR
Producers wanting to sell State of Illinois long-term care insurance policies must take this required course.


Long Term Care in Review     4HR
This course is a refresher for producers who have previously taken the Partnership LTC course. This course is required every renewal cycle after initial 8hr Partnership LTC course.


Market Conduct & Agent Blunders     12HR
The line between legal responsibility and agent misconduct is often a thin line. Almost 15% of the agent population is sued each year and nearly ¾ of these claims are beyond control. This course discusses how to avoid the most common blunders.


Personal Auto     12HR
A comprehensive overview of all the details in the standard personal auto policy. This course was developed generically and designed for use in all states.


Principles of Annuities     12HR
This annuity course will provide you with information about annuities with special emphasis on taxation, retirement planning issues, comparisons of other types of investments, marketing ideas, split annuities, risk tolerance and more.


Property & Casualty Concepts     12HR
This course provides the student with an overall introduction of basic property and casualty issues. Specific contents include personal property lines, commercial lines, inland marine, commercial general liability, automobile, workers compensation and more.


Social Insurance     12HR
This course provides the student with an overview of Medicare, Medicaid and private Insurance such as Medigap and long-term care insurance policies.


Understanding Annuities & Mutual Funds     12HR
This course covers tax deferred annuities and the power of tax deferral, annuity contracts, risks, split annuities, dollar cost averaging, mutual funds, prospectus, power of diversification, risk tolerance and more.

Updated: March 2024